The world of business travel can be hectic, with long flights, layovers and inevitable delays, but airport lounges offer a haven for travellers looking to relax and recharge. Often times terminal buildings are noisy, crowded and just not all that pleasant (without mentioning any names), certainly not conducive to feeling refreshed or for getting any work done on the go. This is why airport lounges for business travellers are more than just a perk of the job, they can mean the difference between turning up for an important meeting in fine form, ready to go, or having to put in a sub par performance.

Some lounges offer a simple calm oasis from which to get a coffee and plug in your devices whilst awaiting your flight, whereas others go even further, offering showers and spa facilities to really help you arrive at your destination refreshed. Costs and requirements for entry can of course vary, but anyone flying business or first class can expect lounge access to be included at their departure airport. Larger airports naturally have more choice and there can be huge differences in the level of service and quality on offer.

Here are some of our picks of the best airport lounges for business travellers at popular major international airports.

The First Wing and Concorde Room at London Heathrow Terminal 5

The First Wing is actually the name of the overall premium experience offered by British Airways in its flagship home terminal building at the world’s busiest international airport. Travellers start at the grand entrance to this dedicated section which takes them through premium-only, spacious security lanes before introducing them to the upscale Concorde Room lounge.

The opulently decorated lounge offers a range of amenities for business travellers, including private work stations, showers and a concierge service. It also has a wide variety of dining options, from light snacks to full five course meals and the dishes are updated every month so frequent travellers aren’t going to get bored with the options on offer.

Live piano music lends an air of sophistication to the experience whilst also helping to make passengers feel more relaxed than in the rest of the noisy terminal building. The service is nothing less than exceptional with incredibly friendly and professional staff on hand to cater to guests’ every need but what really helps make this place stand out is the sheer amount of space. In such a busy airport to come across so much room in which to relax and unwind really does feel like the greatest luxury of all.

The Centurion Lounge at New York JFK Terminal 4

This luxury lounge is exclusively for American Express cardholders and spares no expense in its quality of services and range of amenities, including three full-service bars, private showers and a dining experience curated by a Michelin starred chef.

Decked out in rich oak panelling and glass, the premium feel doesn’t end with the decor and one of the highlights of any visit to the JFK Centurion Lounge has to be the 1850 Speakeasy bar. With NYC-inspired cocktails from an award winning mixologist let’s hope your flight out of JFK is on the way back!

The Wing at Hong Kong International Airport

With Hong Kong International being the home hub of the region’s flag carrier, Cathay Pacific, you’d expect their flagship lounge to be something a bit special. And it is.

There are a number of lounges operated by Cathay Pacific at the airport and the Wing is open to Business and First class passengers only. Naturally you can expect exceptional service, fine dining, limitless Champagne and flawless design but what really stands the Wing apart are the cabins featuring full sized baths and beds! If you really want to arrive somewhere at your best, this is the lounge to visit before your journey!

The Qantas First Lounge at Sydney International Airport Terminal 1

This lounge is exclusively for first-class passengers and offers all the top tier amenities yo’d expect, including a full-service bar, private showers, plenty of private working areas and three dining areas with a variety of food options. The floor to ceiling windows overlooking the runway give it a very light and airy feel and you’re never far from natural light.

Whilst everything here is of course excellent, two things really set the Qantas First lounge apart from other premium airport lounges. The first is the incredible spa offering which features therapies and massages to invigorate and refresh set in a stunning suite of rainforest themed rooms with more foliage than you’ve likely ever seen in an airport before. The second is a feature that will appeal to business travellers of a certain vintage or anyone with a fondness for aviation nostalgia: the gorgeous retro split flap departure boards.

Find Your Perfect Lounge

Overall, these airport lounges offer a range of amenities and services that can make the travel experience more comfortable and enjoyable for business travellers. Whether you need a quiet space to work, a place to freshen up, or a relaxing atmosphere in which to unwind, these lounges have you covered.

If you’d like support in booking flights that will enable you to access these and other premium lounges for your next business trip get in touch with Traveltrust today.