What does any great movie studio do when they hit a home run? They push out a sequel obviously!

And that is why we figured after the great enjoyment people had reading through our first 10 Interesting Facts about air travel, we’d hit you with TEN MORE.

Buckle up, it’s time for 10 more interesting facts about air travel that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

  1. A Boeing 747 is made up of six million parts

Yeah, 6 MILLION… that’s almost as many pieces as an advanced Lego set. We’re not sure if those parts include the cabin crew. (probably not)


  1. In 2018 Heathrow Airport saw 80.1 million travellers.

That’s a 2.7% increase from 2017, and it’s an AWFUL lot of bags, joyous hellos and teary goodbyes.


  1. A man once saved $20,750,000 on his airline ticket

In 1987, some cunning gentleman bought an unlimited first class American airlines ticket for $250k – he then flew over 10,000 times (as we all would) and he racked up a bill of $21,000,000. Good man. (they cancelled his ticket in 2008)


  1. 9/11 cost airlines a total of almost $50 billion.

The events of 9/11 also caused a decline of 2.7% in global passenger traffic. But it’s a true testament to the resilience of the industry that they’ve returned to the strengths we see in them today.



  1. Flying makes up just 2% of humans’ annual emissions.

So next time someone is giving you a hard time for your business trip and says “why can’t you just do it over skype?”, you can counter them with this stat. (side fact: air travel is 70% more efficient then when jets were first invented)

  1. The worlds busiest airline route is Tokyo to Sapporo

 Over a million people fly that route A MONTH.


  1. The tires on an airplane are designed to withstand up to 38 tonnes

So anyone can fly really.. Just no more than 7 elephants!


Japan Airlines Uniforms can fetch $2,500 at auction

 After Japan Airlines declared bankruptcy, they sold their uniforms to the local sex industry. And now with that, er… cute (?) story in play, those uniforms can fetch a pretty penny should you ever find yourself with one.


  1. The middle of the plane is the best place to sit if you are a nervous flyer

 The worst place on the plane for turbulence and movement are the seats in the back since airflow goes from front to back. Sitting in the middle, over the wing, is where the air is smoothest and can be comforting for nervous flyers.


  1. A Boeing 747 has enough electrical capacity to power 480,000 flat screen TV’s.

 So go ahead. Plug your phone in and charge it, they’ve got the current to spare.


 Since our last 10 facts – “Airplanes” by B.O.B and Hayley Williams has had an additional 66 million views. (and only half of them was us)