The question above is one that we’ve learnt a lot of people in the SME sector often ask themselves. Now, if you’re the kind of person that HATES spoilers, this next bit might not be for you:




But why? We hear you scream from your desks in your super cool shared workspaces.


Well the answer to that is simple – There is NO limit to the size of a company that needs a TMC, you could be a one-man band and you could still use a TMC for all your travel booking requirements.


96% of SME’s don’t believe a TMC can add value to their travel, which to us is an astounding figure. At first, we thought we needed to create a charity to raise awareness, we had Bono and Bob Geldof on standby ready to record a new song to help, but in reality, we’ll do it one blog post at a time.

GOOD TMC’s will offer you free quotations regardless, so even if you just want to check whether the rates a TMC can get you are better than that of the quote you found on Skyscanner, it is well worth checking with at least one. (Editors note: It is worth remembering that booking with a TMC is still often better in the long run than booking online with “XYZ Travel” – see our blog post on the subject here)


Then, of course, there is the time a TMC can save you. If you’re a two-man operation you’re no doubt busy enough (and we don’t envy that sort of stress!), so if you can remove some work out of your day, why wouldn’t you?


If you can save time, money & hassle in offloading a travel itinerary across to someone else, then the size of your company should never be an issue. Any TMC worth their money will help you even if you only book 2 or 3 trips a year – this is the service industry after all.


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