In simple terms, carbon offsetting is the process of compensating for carbon dioxide emissions (or other greenhouse gases) from industrial or human activity by participating in schemes designed to make equivalent reductions in the atmosphere.

According to reports, a long-haul flight generates more CO2 than the average person in dozens of countries around the world produces in a whole year. While regulations are starting to put airlines under pressure to address the impact, the reduction in emissions is seen as nowhere near enough.

Due to this, it’s no surprise that carbon offsetting has been a focus in recent years for many of our clients that travel for business.

There are various carbon offset projects available to travellers keen to reduce their carbon footprint. Many are forestry projects, such as the planting of trees or tackling deforestation, or energy projects, including fossil fuel reduction by means of renewable technology or energy efficiency offerings.

To calculate your own carbon footprint, click on the link below:

With so many offsetting initiatives up and running, we suggest conducting your own research before picking the one you would like to support. If you need a steer in the right direction, Traveltrust is partnered with who have a number of global climate protection projects which you can choose to contribute to. These projects meet the highest standards (Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Gold Standard, Plan Vivo) and contribute to the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs). This means that their projects not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also promote regional social, ecological and economic development.

Traveltrust’s clients work with a dedicated travel manager who is there to advise you on all your travel requirements. From carbon offsetting to cost-saving and traveller security, we’ll always have you covered.