Hey there, How’s it going?

It seems like it’s been FOREVER doesn’t it? I mean, here we’ve been talking about things from New York Hotels to super-duper fun travel facts. And now it just feels like we haven’t caught up in ages.

So let’s remedy that, we just wanted to give you a quick reminder about what makes us so great. Just on the sly. We deserve a quick advertisement right? Right.

  1. The Traveltrust Ethos

What more can we say about ethos other then we think we NAILED it (a lot more than those bakers on Netflix’s “Nailed It”). We have dedicated ourselves to providing a service that fits you – Not a majority of a market or even a specific niche. Each and every one of our clients are provided a unique service to help them get the most value-for-money for their travel management program.

At Traveltrust, we’re not huge, but we’re not tiny either, and this puts us in a prime location to serve our clients in their own unique way. We aren’t having to go up countless flights of stairs to get approval from a big wig, or choke on a ridiculous amount of red tape standing in the way of what you need.

And that’s not all – we work hard (really hard actually, our electricity bill is through the roof thanks to all these late nights!) to ensure that we are available for you and pushing ourselves to go that extra mile. We really aren’t happy if you aren’t happy.



  1. Our Prices

We’ve discussed previously on the blog that there are sites called XYZ Travel that will undercut everyone for the chance to get business and then suddenly those rates don’t exist, and sure – we can’t match that, no-one can. But what we do offer, and from what we are told from our clients consistently is that our prices still beat a giant chunk of the market.

And we like to put that down to the dedication our agents show in getting those prices. They search everywhere, and they know every possible route that is going to get you the best possible deal. We’re pretty proud of that.

  1. We’re chill

Yeah, we’re chill. So chill if Traveltrust was to advertise in a supermarket, we’d put our adverts in the frozen section. We’re also so chill we don’t work on a contract basis.

“WHAT THAT’S CRAZY?” Said many people. To which we retorted, chill. (see, we’re chill)

But in all seriousness, we don’t think you should tie yourself into a service for 2 years because some Joe Salesman made you a hundred promises on day dot. What if he doesn’t fulfil them? Then you’re stuck in a loveless marriage, and the world has enough of those these days.

So, we don’t do it. If you want to use us you will, and we’re okay with that, because as it stands, anyone that uses us sticks with us, something we’re proud of here at Traveltrust.

If you don’t want to risk getting tied down then we are your go-to TMC.


  1. We’re FREE to try out

We will always happily quote you for free.

If you want to use us to benchmark someone else, Go for it! Not sure if a TMC is for you but you wouldn’t mind dipping your toe in the world of Travel Management Companies? Give us a test, we’ll blow you and your qualms away.

You can give us any quote and we’ll provide you a price, you don’t have to book it, and we’ll be there again the next time because we’re just caring like that.


It all sounds great, right? We know. Thanks for letting us just catch you up on us for a bit, if you want to know more email us at [email protected]


But anyway… How have you been?