NYC has always been a popular place for business to thrive. New York’s economy alone is bigger than that of Switzerland’s as of 2009.

With all of that in mind, there is no doubt travellers are finding NYC a frequent on their list of destinations, but with so many options it’s hard to know just where is the best spot to stay in the Big Apple. Luckily, Traveltrust has taken a look at the options for you, and narrowed them down to what we feel are the top three!

Archer Hotel, Midtown Manhattan

The Archer hotel is for the modern day business traveller who carries that hint of classic James Bond about them. With 180 rooms, this hotel leaves you wanting to finish work, get back to the hotel to find this mysterious “Archer” to discuss gadgets and spy movies over a smooth whiskey at the bar.

 The hotel itself features floor to ceiling windows everywhere, because if you’re in NYC, you want that breathtaking view at all times, and Archer delivers it to you on a silver platter. And speaking of a silver platter, the hotels restaurants feature a great array of stunning food that will provide you with an end of work day feast you deserve.

Alongside excellent business center facilities, Wi-fi and parking are included, as are complimentary passes to the New York Sports Club to keep you on that fitness schedule. You can also ensure you are well prepared for the big meeting the next day with complimentary overnight shoe shining service.

As a special treat, and if you’re well-behaved, one of Archer’s spies might just reward with you a “class act” card that’s equal to about £7 to spend on drinks in the bar (we recommend the spyglass rooftop bar, because.. well it’s a rooftop bar, need we say more?)

Mandarin Orientel, Midtown

If you’re staying in NYC for business, you probably want three things – to be as centrally located as possible, to have a hotel that has everything you’ll need to get your work done, and a great view.

 The Mandarin is just that. It’s ideally located just steps from Central Park, so you’re getting one of the greatest views of any Manhattan hotel.

This 5 star hotel also boasts a genuine birds-eye view of the city, which is a perfect way to start your business day. Not only do you get all of the luxurious amenities that the Mandarin Oriental brand promises, including of course a state of the art business center and complimentary Wi-Fi,  there is also a sauna and VIP spa suite with a fireplace for that post work wind down you’ll need after a day of meetings.

The rooms are spacious, well equipped and extremely comfortable, and the hotel itself comes with a stunning interior and unrivalled service. The hotel also offers a 6,000 square foot ballroom and its own executive boardroom for hire. Oh, and did we mention that Morgan Freeman is a fan?

Bryant Park Hotel, Midtown West

The Bryant Park hotel stands out – it’s an imposing, gothic-style building that screams “look at me”, and with that kind of bravado you’d hope it backs that up on the inside. Luckily, it does.

The hotel itself has an air of class about it, it’s oddly romantic for a business hotel and it’s style oozes something that has to be seen to be appreciated. You’ll have all your expected amenities at the Bryant Park Hotel, although the gym does leave a little to be desired.

 The rooms are delightfully spacious, and well equipped too. There are over 100 rooms across 16 floors, and we highly recommend you try and get yourself a park-view terrace for something extra special.

 The on-site restaurants and bars are stunning, and The Cellar always has something on to keep you entertained in the evening after a hard day of board meetings and e-mails. You can also keep the work vibe going at the same time with Wi-Fi throughout.

The Hotel’s Bryant Park location couldn’t be more central, steps away from the B,D,F or M trains to get access to the city, which makes getting around the City that much easier. That said, make sure you are back to the hotel in time for the open bar that takes place for one hour every day.

Traveltrust excels in finding the right hotel to suit your needs, and we are constantly researching the best options to ensure that each trip taken is tailor made to your requirements. For more information get in touch today.