5 must-have travel items for your Summer Vacation

Stress, excitement and stress again- travelling can be stressful, it’s a fact, but preparing properly and making investments into fantastic products can make your time in the air comfortable and dare we say relaxing?

If you are lucky enough to be jetting off this summer on a relaxing beach vacation or if you are scheduled for a busy summer of travelling with work, ensure your time in-flight is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. When you are planning, simply add these 5 essential items to your packing list and you will be prepared for anything! (Just don’t forget your passport).


Perhaps the most important item to invest in as a frequent traveller is a sturdy and reliable suitcase which will protect your items whilst in transit. The ​Away ​suitcase has been growing in popularity in the last few months and this is unsurprising when you see it’s sleek and stylish design and many added convenience features. If you are a frequent business traveller, or are lucky enough to travel frequently to see the world, then this is a must-have purchase and is sure to significantly improve your travelling experience, there is nothing worse than trying to navigate an old and uncooperative suitcase through a busy airport!

The durable polycarbonate shell case is designed to last a lifetime and also comes in 10 different colours, the interiors of the suitcase are just as impressive, boasting separate compartments for your soft and hard items (perfect for keeping shirts and suits un-creased) and even a discrete laundry bag. After a long time in the air, your phone battery is sure to be suffering, one of the coolest features of the ​Away ​case is the ejectable battery pack which is perfect for charging your phone. Other useful features include a TSA approved padlock and 360° spinning wheels, making the journey to and from the airport easy to navigate. For more information, click here:

Travel Wallet

The list of things you need access to whilst travelling may seem endless, so keeping your important items in one place will make for a stress-free airport experience. This beautiful travel wallet from Million Reasons London keeps essential items safe and accessible, whilst also being lightweight and easy to slot into your hand luggage bag. Made from the finest Italian leather, this travel wallet features 7 card slots, as well as a place to store your passport and an iPhone, don’t be left searching for your boarding pass or passport when you reach the gate. We are always looking for ways to make travelling less stressful, and this is the perfect accessory to achieve that! Click here for more information:

Sleep Mask

Block out your surroundings, including any light, and focus on sleeping with the SlipSilk eye mask. This mask not only blocks out light but is also anti aging, anti sleep crease and anti bed-head, meaning you will wake up looking and feeling refreshed even though you’re above the clouds! The SlipSilk eye mask is made from 100% pure silk which reduces friction and tugging on your delicate skin, especially around the eye area. On long-haul flights, resting a rejuvenating is essential in order to feel ready to face the day upon landing, this sleep mask will guarantee that you make the most of the sleeping opportunity and will ensure you are not disturbed. Click here for more information:


Investing in a good pair of headphones is essential for any frequent traveller and these Beoplay H9i headphones by B&O are the perfect pair for both comfort and style. These headphones are also noise cancelling and include expertly tuned acoustics designed to deliver rich and powerful audio to ensure your listening quality is as high as possible. The new “Transparency Mode” means that playback is paused when your headphones are removed and resumes when put back on. This feature is particularly useful whilst flying, with the frequent interruptions from flight attendants and in flight announcements, no need to keep pausing your music and no risk of missing important parts of your favourite film! They also come in several colours depending on your preference. Click here for more information:

Neck Pillow

No matter where you are seated on the plane, from the window, to the aisle or if you have been unlucky received the dreaded middle seat, travelling with a good travel pillow will ensure you can travel comfortably and maybe even get some sleep. The travel pillow industry has come a long way from the uncomfortable and impractical inflatable travel pillow, and this infinity pillow by Huzi is one of the most versatile travel pillows on the market. With 360° support for every resting position and soft bamboo fabric, this neck pillow is sure to keep you comfortable and your neck supported no matter how long you are in the air for. Save yourself the cost of the overpriced inflatable pillow you can pick up at the airport and order the infinity pillow now. For more information, please visit:


What are your essential items which you must have on every trip? At Traveltrust, we believe planning is essential, so we will provide you with an unrivalled, personal service in travel management ensuring your trip is planned effectively to ensure costs are kept low and problems avoided. Contact us today for more information!