COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on all aspects of our lives, let alone how we travel. As governments around the world begin to lift restrictions and we begin to get back to a “new normal”, Traveltrust takes a look at some of the safety measures put in place by us and some of our partners to ensure your travellers can get back to travelling safely.

At Traveltrust, we understand our clients’ priority is safety and security while travelling, and for that reason we offer a suite of traveller tracking and risk evaluation tools so that both travellers and management alike can track and evaluate risk at all stages of travel, from booking through to their return home.

For more information about travel risk and immigration policies when planning your next trip, please visit the links below:

IATA Covid-19 Travel Regulations Map:

Full Country Risk Evaluation and Restriction Details:

Also important for both corporate travellers and travel managers is what measures have been put in place to make travelling as safe as possible and, above all, minimise the risk of Coronavirus infection while travelling. Here we’ll take a look at what some of our industry partners are doing to achieve this.

From an airline perspective, all of the major world airlines have already implemented wide-ranging safety measures. Delta Airlines for example has implemented their Delta CareStandard which focuses on keeping surfaces clean, giving travellers more space, and offering safer service and personal care at every point along the journey.

In Europe as well, all major airlines have implemented important safety measures as well as flexible booking policies. Lufthansa has so far brought back a significant amount of it’s pre-COVID capacity, as well as several safety measures of their own.

Apart from measures in the air, airports themselves are also introducing heightened safety measures, including rapid testing at point of arrival. Frankfurt and Vienna Airports are at the forefront of this in Europe, and Heathrow Airport is also reported to be looking into implementing similar measures. We’re hoping that with increased rapid testing available around the world, travel restrictions and quarantine measures can also be relaxed.

Hotels are also working hard to make their properties COVID-secure. The world’s largest hotel group Marriott Hotels has implemented several measures, including increased cleaning, new cleaning technologies and social distancing measures. Most other hotels around the world have also implemented similar measures.

The global travel industry is certainly facing what is perhaps its biggest crisis of any of our lifetimes. However with the proper safety measures in place, we are confident that the world can start travelling again safely.

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