We’ve previously mentioned how we’re well aware that Time is Money and one quick way to save time when travelling (apart from using a great TMC) is to make sure you’ve packed properly. Carry on luggage is a great way to skip the waiting at the airport and save valuable hours, so making sure you’ve got the right piece of kit is essential.

But how do you choose from all the options that are out there? You visit the blog of a TMC website and hope there is a post on the top 3 available of course!

Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright

This one sits at the top end of the market, costing a cool £450 at amazon, but you know what they say – you get what you pay for. And with this you do.

Weighing in at a light 4kg this 55.8 litre bag is convenient as it is handy (because of the handle, get it?) and with plenty of interior features like a rolling bag for a suit and an internal shirt compartment it’s easy to see why this bag rates highest on most other bag blogs. (we checked them out to make sure we knew what we were talking about).

It also comes with “cx expansion compression technology” and a lifetime warranty so you really only need to buy it once.

Oh and one guy on amazon called it “Rugged, Large and well built”, well said KiwiMax.

Away Travel – The Carry On

Now we have to confess – this one comes with a little bit of bias towards it as a few of our members of staff have it, and we’re going based on their recommendations here.

This is one for the millennials: extremely well made, clever and compact, it really is the perfect carry on bag. It also includes an internal battery compartment (that does have to be removed during security). It comes in a variety of colours, some are limited edition – although you do have to be fast to get in for those.

These also come with a lifetime warranty so they are the only case you are going to need. The website shows it surviving being crushed by a bowling ball, so why wouldn’t you want that!?

We didn’t get a quote from Amazon this time, but our Business Development Manager Ryan gave us a quote: “a quote for the blog? Sure!” – Cheers.

Samsonite Termo Young

We’ve chucked in a slightly more affordable carry on, and a brand name that needs no introduction – Samsonite.

Thanks to it’s ultra-secure aluminium framing system, these bags are strong, sturdy and incredibly durable. They also weigh in at 2.8kg which is lighter than the Briggs & Riley so you can fit in some extra clothes and shoes! (y’know, just in case you need to party in the evening!)

It also looks more high tech than a nuclear warhead case being carried about by a bad guy in a James Bond film, and it comes with a TSA approved lock. For the low price of £122 on amazon these bags are a steal.. almost.

It’s also got a “discreet Samsonite logo”, in case you hate logos and don’t want people to know you own a branded item.

As for amazon reviews? Well, Jessica S called it “A beauty of a hand luggage. No Regrets!”  – good on ya Jessica.