Welcome to our latest blog post, today we wanted to prove we’re at the forefront of cutting edge news. We aim to do that by providing you with… well, news!

Sometimes It helps to just be on the pulse, and have a good idea of what is going on in the world, even if it doesn’t affect your industry. You may not realise it, but in some way – it actually might.

So here are some of the top news bits from the industry!

Employees are travelling more than ever

A new survey conducted of over 2000 Business travellers by Travelodge has found that almost 50% of workers are not regularly travelling for their work.

86% of travellers noted that packing was an issue for them (clearly haven’t read our amazing review of carry on cases!)

46% have said they feel more productive away from the office (must be the lack of gossip?) and 85% of respondents believe that travelling to see clients / colleagues etc. is vital  for their relationships and the company’s brand as a whole.

A spokesperson for Travelodge commented: “Travel has become a big part of modern business, thanks to technology. Nowadays you can potentially work anywhere. Today, business travellers account for more than half of our sales and we are seeing businesses of all sizes switching from high-end hotels to value travel brands such as Travelodge.”


Travelling when pregnant IS safe

A lot of people (rightly) tend to be concerned when travelling with a life blossoming inside them, but luckily a new report released recently from the NHS has clarified that it is indeed safe to travel when pregnant.

Of course it is important to remember to note that Airlines won’t let you travel from 37 weeks onwards (32 weeks if you’ve got twins!) and that from 28 weeks in you will require a letter from your GP.

So unless you’re at 37 weeks – go ahead!

United Airlines shares “soar” upwards 6%

Okay, so 6% isn’t particularly soaring in stock market terms, but could we resist the opportunity to write such a brilliant and puntastic headline? No, clearly, we could not.

There were originally concerns for UA when the prices of fuel jumped up, but a strong demand for tickets, including higher-priced tickets, has counteracted and possible negative affects of the rise in fuel prices.

Which is great for them, but not so much for our travellers.

United Airlines are starting to begin the process of segmenting its cabins into several classes of travel. Including a basic fare that restricts the use of using the overhead bins. (it’s undecided yet if you’ll be allowed to look at them, maybe we should reach out to United Airlines for comment?)

Luckily for Traveltrust’s travellers, we’re able to provide an excellent level of cost saving, which means that you don’t have to worry about those higher priced tickets – because we do what we do best: Find you the best possible deal.



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